NEWS: A Seeker’s Gift to the World

Religion in the worldThere is no shortage of internet sites which deal with religion. However, many tend to be quite specific about what brand of religion is championed. Despite specific truth-claims there are a growing number of sites designed for those who seek ecumenical one-stop-shopping, and those which offer a myriad of resources about the world’s innumerable belief-systems. John Bruno Hare created during the late 1990’s.  This site offers various rare religious books, some apparently dating back to 5,000 B.C. Hare states that there are “infinite paths to God and that everyone is trying to do the right thing,” and that “if everyone could see that, we wouldn’t have as many conflicts.” As continues to grow in popularity in the world of Google, Hare is seeking to leave a legacy as he battles stage-three melanoma. He hopes to grow his newly developed Evinity Publishing which carries works on topics such as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and even people who often operate under the mainstream radar: flat Earth and hollow Earth believers. Hare also offers books which deal with Native American belief-systems, symbolism, and UFOs. Hare considers this resource as his gift to the world. Read more here.

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