Theory & Method

Volume 16 (2016)

Habermas and Religion
Matt Sheedy

The Category of the Supernatural: A Valid Anthropological Term?
Simon Dein

Mythmaking and Social Formation in the Study of Early Christianity
Ian Phillip Brown

Volume 15 (2015)

Social Formation in the Study of Religion
Jason Redden

Volume 8 (2014)

A Touristic Angle of Vision: Tourist Studies as a Methodological Approach for the Study of Religions
Thomas S. Bremer

Volume 7 (2013)

Context Matters: Studying Indigenous Religions in North America
Sarah J. King

Ideology and the Study of Religion: Marx, Althusser, and Foucault
Craig Martin

Deconstruction and Religion
Eddis Miller

Ethos and Worldview Reconsidered: Geertz, Normativity, and the Comparative Study of Religions
Jung Lee

Clifford Geertz’s Interpretive Approach to Religion
Robert A. Segal

“Are Meanings the Name of the Game? Religion as Symbolic Meaning and Religion as Power”
Stephen S. Bush

Meaning vs. Power: Are Thick Description and Power Analysis Intrinsically at Odds? Response to Interpretation, Explanation, and Clifford Geertz
Jason Springs

Volume 6 (2012)

Sociological Theory of Religion
Warren S. Goldstein

Feminism and Religion: Intersections between Western Activism, Theology and Theory
Laurel Zwissler

The Frankfurt School on Religion
Christopher Craig Brittain

Volume 5 (2011)

Pain, Gender, and Systems of Belief and Practice
Darlene Juschka

Opium, Idols and Revolution: Marx and Engels on Religion
Roland Boer

Postcolonialism and the Study of Religion: Dissecting Orientalism, Nationalism, and Gender Using Postcolonial Theory
Nicole Goulet

Volume 4 (2010)

Evan Haefeli

Volume 3 (2009)

Using Film in Theology and Religious Studies
Christopher Deacy

Phenomenology of Religion
Thomas Ryba

Myth in China: The Case of Ancient Goddess Studies
Ye Shuxian

Rupture and Fusion in the Approach to Myth: Situating Myth Analysis Between Philosophy, Poetics and Long-Range Historical Reconstruction
Wim van Binsbergen

Myth and Science: Their Varying Relationships
Robert A. Segal

Myth, Theory and Area Studies
Daniela Merolla, Mineke Schipper

Volume 2 (2008)

Ethics and Religion
G. Scott Davis

Spatial Theory and the Study of Religion
Kim Knott

On Spirituality: Natural and Non-natural
Thomas B. Ellis

The Anthropology of Christianity
Jon Bialecki, Naomi Haynes, Joel Robbins

Anthropology of Religion
Fiona Bowie

‘Fundamentalisms’ Compared
Henry Munson

Psychology of Religion: An Overview of its History and Current Status
Roderick Main

The Comparative Method
Paul Roscoe

Social Scientific Approach to the Hebrew Bible
Mark Sneed

Volume 1 (2007)

Cognitive Science of Religion: What Is It and Why Is It?
Justin L. Barrett

Exporting the Local: Recent Perspectives on ‘Religion’ as a Cultural Category
Daniel Dubuisson

Studying Ancient Israelite Ritual: Methodological Considerations
Wesley Bergen

Understanding Contemporary Millenarian Violence
John Walliss