African Religions

Volume 5 (2011)

Keswick and the East African Revival: An Historiographical Reappraisal
Jason Bruner

Volume 4 (2010)

Yoruba Religions in Diaspora
Joseph M. Murphy

Religion and African Migration: A Survey
Gaudencia Mutema

Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in South Africa and Zimbabwe: A Review
Gladys Ganiel

Volume 3 (2009)

Divination: Epistemology, Agency, and Identity in Contemporary Urban West Africa
Laura S. Grillo

African Christians in a Secularizing Europe
Afe Adogame

Divergent Approaches to Religion in Modern Islamic Discourses
Abdulkader Tayob

African Islam: Marriage, Mobility and Education of Women in Dan Fodio’s nineteenth Century Reforms
Mohammed Zakyi Ibrahim

Volume 2 (2008)

Kadhi Court and Appointment of Kadhi in Kenya Colony
Hassan Mwakimako

The Past and Present of African Islam
Abdulkader Tayob

Masowe Migration: A Quest for Liberation in the African Diaspora
Isabel Mukonyora