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NEWS: Religious and Racial Hatred on the Web

Two defendants are currently standing trial at Liverpool Crown Court charged with ‘urging people to kill Jewish people’ via posting on a website. Both Michael Heaton and Trevor Hannington are alleged to be members of the Aryan Strike Force [ASF], and furthermore, having posted racist and anti-Semitic comments designed to incite others to murder. The … Continue reading

NEWS: First Family Seder and Digital Seders for All!

Families can now read their own personalized Haggadah during their Passover Seder meal by simply going online and ordering one custom-made from Behrman House. To promote the project, Berhman House made a personalized Haggadah for the Obama family that tells, as the LA Times reported, “the story of freedom from slavery to the American civil rights … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope tells Priests to Start Blogging the Good News

In a recent official message, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Catholic priests to utilize multimedia outlets such as  blogging and Youtube as potential outlets for their ministries. Seminaries should become, in addition to many other things, centers where young priests are trained in the use of new technologies, Benedict admonished, so long as this usage reflects Catholic … Continue reading

NEWS: A Seeker’s Gift to the World

There is no shortage of internet sites which deal with religion. However, many tend to be quite specific about what brand of religion is championed. Despite specific truth-claims there are a growing number of sites designed for those who seek ecumenical one-stop-shopping, and those which offer a myriad of resources about the world’s innumerable belief-systems. … Continue reading

NEWS: The “Dehumanising” Face of Virtual Communities

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols has voiced his concerns with online social networking. He specifically referred to Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, but also included email and text messages, suggesting that they all contribute to the dehumanisation of community. Although all of the above forms of communication are … Continue reading

NEWS: The Church of Shiantology?

Personality cult is perhaps a bit too tame a descriptive for the following young actor Shia LaBeouf has attracted recently. Celebrity worship has become quite literal for a small group of Shia fans who have gotten together and actually declared their adoration a new religion. They call it Shiantology. It has a founding date–February 8, … Continue reading

NEWS: Falun Gong Supporters Evade Global Internet Censors

Software engineers and members of the spiritual group Falun Gong created the Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIFC) to reach practitioners in China after the government began arresting Falun Gong leaders in 1999. In 2003 China’s “Golden Shield” program began censoring content and monitoring access to websites in support of Falun Gong. Software developed by the … Continue reading

NEWS: Birthday of Patron Saint Nikola Tesla

If you got on Google at all today (or yesterday), you probably discovered that July 10 is the birthday of electrical wizard Nikola Tesla, the man dubbed both prophet and “electricity’s great radical.” But you probably did not realize, as I surely did not, that Tesla is also a canonized Saint. If that is news … Continue reading

NEWS: YouTube and the Pope

The Vatican, and indeed, the Roman Catholic Church are often seen as highly traditional institutions, arguably even staid and far removed from everyday life. In 1995, under Pope John Paul II, these venerable institutions made their first foray into cyberspace with the creation of a website http://www.vatican.va Now, it would seem Pope Benedict XVI has … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion in the Age of Technology

The BBC website has recently highlighted the difficulties faced by many, when trying to reconcile twenty first century technology with their faith. It is reported that in Israel, the traditional ultra-Orthodox Jewish community have introduced the innovative concept of “kosher cellphones” in an attempt to resolve this conflict. These phones – supplied by all major … Continue reading