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Double Black Diamond Jesus

Neil Elliot, a priest at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Trail, British Columbia, has become the first person in the world to earn a doctorate in ‘snowboarding’, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Already a Master of Arts in theology and Islamic studies, Elliot submitted a dissertation that examines the ‘spirituality’ of the winter … Continue reading

NEWS: Prayer, Poetry, and the Sounds of Sacred Energy

Whether religious or non-religious, most Americans, according Krista Tippett, claim that they pray. Recently, many have rediscovered various contemplative traditions and even non-religious prayer. Anoushka Shankar, daughter of musician Ravi Shankar, recalls her own approach to Sanskrit chants and prayers in her music. She considers this a connection to nature, in contradistinction to Western theistic … Continue reading

Religion Compass December Issue – now available

  Online ISSN: 1749-8171    Print ISSN: 1749-8171 Religion Compass Volume3, Issue6,2009. Early View (Articles Available Online in Advance of Print) © 2009 Blackwell Publishing Ltd   African Religions   921-934 Divination: Epistemology, Agency, and Identity in Contemporary Urban West Africa Laura S. Grillo Abstract Published Online: 25 Nov 2009 DOI 10.1111/j.1749-8171.2009.00174.x   Buddhism   935-950 Local … Continue reading

NEWS: “Sex, Satanism and Sacrifice…”

A recent story in the Australian publication The Register touches on the highly emotive issues of sex, sacrifice, witchcraft and exorcism. It appears that this report is based on the anecdotal evidence – supplied by ‘radical Minister’ Danny Nalliah – of a Pastor supervising a school trip. During this excursion to Mount Ainslie, near Canberra, … Continue reading

NEWS: Praying in America

According the to the Pew Forum, at least 75% of Americans pray at least once a week. Despite the large numbers of individuals praying, only 39% of Americans attend worship services at least once a week. This disparity, led New York Times contributor Zev Chafets to examine the growth of organizations offering lessons in praying. … Continue reading

NEWS: Pentecostalism Compared to Star Trek

Historian Anthea Butler considers the ever-changing nature of American Pentecostalism, comparing it to the tribble, a fictional animal on the original Star Trek series. The creature reproduced rapidly and ate everything with which it came into contact. In like manner, Butler suggests that “Pentecostalism and certain segments of the movement (namely, the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ and … Continue reading

NEWS: A Seeker’s Gift to the World

There is no shortage of internet sites which deal with religion. However, many tend to be quite specific about what brand of religion is championed. Despite specific truth-claims there are a growing number of sites designed for those who seek ecumenical one-stop-shopping, and those which offer a myriad of resources about the world’s innumerable belief-systems. … Continue reading

NEWS: Ramadan targeted by criminals

The Holy Month of Ramadan has just begun on 21 August 2009, and many Muslims will be devoting attention to their religious obligations. These duties include fasting, as well as frequent visits to the Mosque. Against this backdrop of spiritual obeisance, West Yorkshire Police have raised a more prosaic concern – that of crime. Official … Continue reading

NEWS: No “God spot” to be found in the brain

Reuters have reported the recent publication of How God Changes Your Brain. This book takes a neurotheological – ‘the study of the brain’s role in religious belief’- approach to prayer and meditation in an effort to understand the biological processes involved. The writers, Andrew Newburg and Mark Robert Waldman have used brain scans on individuals … Continue reading

Religion Compass July Issue – now available

The July issue of Religion Compass is now available here! This month, we’ve published our largest issue to date: 18 high-quality articles surveying the most recent literature in the field of religious studies! We are also delighted to announce the publication of our first video article: Changing Status in India’s Marginal Music Communities Zoe Sherinian … Continue reading

NEWS: How Do We Raise Our Children to Be Spiritual?

In NPR’s Speaking of Faith, Krista Tippett interviews Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso in an interview piece titled “The Spirituality of Parenting.” When considering religious uncertainty and the pluralism of American culture, coupled with the importance of providing our children with a spiritual foundation, Rabbi Sasso asks the question “how do we teach their souls?” She … Continue reading

NEWS: The ‘Catholic Kama Sutra’?

Although, the subject of sex within marriage is not new to religious writers, the latest book in the genre has created quite a stir. First, Sex as you don’t know it: For married couples who love God is perhaps unusually frank, and the contents have been described as ‘a theological and practical guide for Catholics … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Mental Wellness

A recent enterprise has been launched to increase insight into the interplay between religion and mental wellness. The initiative, called the California Mental Health & Spirituality Initiative, challenges the traditional mistrust of religion among many in the mental health profession. Two conferences to be held in June 2009 will bring together religious leaders and mental … Continue reading