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NEWS: ASBO for “Militant Atheist”

At Liverpool Crown Court this week, 59 year old, Harry Taylor has been found guilty of ‘causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress.’ In 2008/09 Taylor had gone to the prayer room of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and had left sexually explicit images and cartoons of Christian and Islamic religious leaders. He maintained in … Continue reading

NEWS: Religious Freedom = Discrimination?

Helen Carter of The Guardian has reported on a recent case of alleged discrimination against a same-sex couple. Michael Black (aged 62) and John Morgan (aged 56) had booked a double room in a guest house in Berkshire, only to be turned away by the owners on the grounds that they could not be allowed … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Coexistence/Existence in the 21st Century

Is the world becoming more religious or more secular? The secularization thesis (religion disappears with the rise of Modernity) has been challenged as the Christian “megachurch” phenomenon continues, radical Islam remains at the fore of public dialogue, and politicians continue to blur the lines between church and state as they invoke various religious aphorisms. Louis … Continue reading

NEWS: A Seeker’s Gift to the World

There is no shortage of internet sites which deal with religion. However, many tend to be quite specific about what brand of religion is championed. Despite specific truth-claims there are a growing number of sites designed for those who seek ecumenical one-stop-shopping, and those which offer a myriad of resources about the world’s innumerable belief-systems. … Continue reading

NEWS: Paganism and the Police

Paganism has historically often been viewed with misgivings and a great deal of suspicion. For some the links to witchcraft signify little more than devil worship and other dark arts. Others recognise that although Paganism may not be a mainstream religion, it has an ancient pedigree firmly rooted within the worship of nature. Most recently, … Continue reading

NEWS: Amish Group Battles Sewage Laws

The Swartzentruber Amish sect of Cambria County, Pennsylvania is involved in another legal dispute regarding the separation of church and state. Last seen in court in 2003, where it succeeded with the ACLU’s help in appealing a court order to affix orange reflective signs to their horse-drawn carriages, the group is now battling the state’s … Continue reading

NEWS: Triumph of ‘New Atheism’?

Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian) uses the start of Holy Week to highlight what she describes as the spectacularly rapid collapse of British Christianity. Furthermore, she identifies the fundamental role of the ‘New atheists’ as one of drowning out real debate about faith. It is the perceived rise of the ‘New atheist debate’ which gives Bunting … Continue reading

Religion Compass March Issue – Keywords

The March issue of Religion Compass is now available here! Keywords: Abdulkader Tayob Africa African Religions Ancient Near East anthropology archaeology belief Buddhism China colonialism culture Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin Eastern Asia ethnography feminism feminist theoryfolklore gender Gerald A. Klingbeil gods/goddesses historians historical reconstruction historiography IslamJapan Japanese history Jewish studies Judaism Laura Levitt Max Weber Mikael S. … Continue reading

NEWS: Faith and Belief: Inseparable?

Ed Halliwell of The Guardian has raised some interesting points in a recent article. As a practising Shambhala Buddhist, Halliwell questions the idea that faith and belief are indivisible concepts. Indeed, he goes further, asserting that ‘belief isn’t a very important element in my religious practice’. Faith and belief may be seen as virtually indistinguishable … Continue reading

COMMENT: The Apology of the Church to Darwin

By Robert A. Segal The two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin will occur in 2009, and already the celebration is underway. Recently, the Church of England, which is to say the Anglican Church, has officially apologized for having initially rejected Darwin’s principle of evolution. How grateful the world must be for this … Continue reading

NEWS: A Faith Denied: Death or Conversion in Mona’s Dream

Production of a new film entitled Mona’s Dream, is due to commence in October this year, commissioned by director Jack Lenz. This potentially controversial film examines the story of Mona Mahmudnizhad, her father and her companions who were captured, interrogated, tortured and murdered by the Iranian government because of their Bahá’í faith in Iran, 1983. … Continue reading

How to Study Religion

Robert A. Segal In memory of Harold Shipman The most common metaphor for the study of religion is that of conversation. The scholar learns from the believer. Conversation does not mean interrogation. Conversation means clarification. The scholar can ask questions of any kind. The questions can be tough and critical. The believer can be asked … Continue reading