Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Blackwell Religion Compass,

There is truly no journal in existence like it. As editors, we are proud of the fact that we make accessible the hottest and most relevant topics in the academic study of religion. Because the journal is electronic, it is global and immediate, able to respond quickly to breaking developments. It also constitutes a veritable web of topics, issues, viewpoints, and controversies, all thematically cross-linked across many disciplinary boundaries.

Indeed, Compass Religion is all about interdisciplinarity. After logging on, one is immediately presented with a diverse array of topics relating to Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Judaic Studies, Christianity, Islamic Studies, New Religious Movements, Indian Traditions, Buddhism, Chinese and Japanese Traditions, African Traditional Religions, Native American Traditions, as well as Theory and Method in the Study of Religion.

As teachers ourselves, we realize that a wealth of data exists on the World Wide Web that is unreliable at best, or misleading, at worst. The articles found on Compass Religion represent the most reliable peer-reviewed research by the world’s leading scholars. As such they serve the interests of students, lay readers, and scholars in other disciplines.

This is an exciting time to be part of the Compass electronic community. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Scott Noegel & Tamara Sonn,
Editors-in Chief, Religion Compass