What is Religion Compass?

Unique in both range and approach, Religion Compass publishes peer-reviewed surveys of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline.

Religion Compass guides students, researchers and non-specialist scholars through the accumulating body of literature, and navigates the field by laying out the territory, describing divisions and subdivisions of Religious Studies and identifying the major issues within those sections.

ISSN: 1749-8171

Religion Compass provides…

  • A new kind of core content: state-of-the-art surveys of current research discuss the major topics, issues, viewpoints, and controversies within each area of the discipline.
  • Coverage of the entire field highlights connections across sub-disciplines of scholarship in religion
  • Reference-linked bibliographies for each article, providing the ideal entry point into specialist literature
  • 100 new authoritative, peer-reviewed survey articles per year: 3 times more than a standard journal
  • Fast continuous publication: articles typically available 6-8 weeks after acceptance and as an online-only journal there are no issue restriction

How to Contribute to Religion Compass

Articles for Religion Compass are commissioned by the Section Editors, but we would be delighted to hear your suggestions and ideas for topics. If you have an idea for an article that you would like to read, or would like to write yourself, you can contact the relevant Section Editor (check their profile page for an email address) or email: RECOeditorial@wiley.com