NEWS: ‘God’s Hotline’

candlesticktelephonegalThe Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has recently unveiled his latest artwork entitled ‘Godphone’. Forming part of an exhibition looking at the changing face of religion in the Netherlands, van der Dong’s installation is designed to offer an opportunity to leave a message for God. By electing to use a mobile phone in his installation, the artist attempts to illustrate God’s omnipotence. Callers who dial +31 (0) 6 442 449 01 over the next six months will be greeted by the following answerphone message:

“This is God speaking. I’m not able to take your call right now. Please leave a message or call back later and who knows, maybe then you’ll get an answer.”

Although, some may see Johan van der Doug’s ‘Godphone’ as disrespectful, arguably even blasphemous, the artist insists that the installation should not be taken literally but instead be seen as symbolic. Perhaps surprisingly since the line opened on Saturday, reports suggest that over 1000 messages have been left, messages which the artist promise will remain private.

Read More:

Theology in its Spatial Turn: Space, Place and Built Environments Challenging and Changing the Images of God
By Sigurd Bergmann
(Vol. 2, April 2007)
Religion Compass

The Social Ethic of Religiously Unaffiliated Spirituality
By Siobhan Chandler
(Vol. 3, February 2008)
Religion Compass

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