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NEWS: Faith and Football

The Right Reverend Nick Baines and the Reverend Peter Moger have joined forces to create three prayers in advance of the World Cup, due to take place in South Africa this June. Working from Church House, Westminster, as part of the “rapid response prayer unit”, three prayers have been created to cater for all. Entitled … Continue reading

NEWS: A Brief History of Heaven

A recent article by Johann Hari for Slade, looks at the evolution of understanding and thinking about heaven. Despite what may appear to be an increasing onslaught of secularism within Britain, Hari points out that this is not reflected in the United States of America. Instead, he states that:‘ 81 percent [of Americans] say they believe … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and the Haiti Earthquake

Haitian and non-Haitian observers alike have been attributing religious explanations to the devastating earthquake that occurred earlier this week. On the one side are those Haitians praying and singing songs with lines such as “Forgive me, Jesus” and “O Lord, keep me close to you.” Pooja Bhatia, a fellow at the Institute of Current World … Continue reading

NEWS: Prayer, Poetry, and the Sounds of Sacred Energy

Whether religious or non-religious, most Americans, according Krista Tippett, claim that they pray. Recently, many have rediscovered various contemplative traditions and even non-religious prayer. Anoushka Shankar, daughter of musician Ravi Shankar, recalls her own approach to Sanskrit chants and prayers in her music. She considers this a connection to nature, in contradistinction to Western theistic … Continue reading

NEWS: Praying in America

According the to the Pew Forum, at least 75% of Americans pray at least once a week. Despite the large numbers of individuals praying, only 39% of Americans attend worship services at least once a week. This disparity, led New York Times contributor Zev Chafets to examine the growth of organizations offering lessons in praying. … Continue reading

NEWS: Ramadan targeted by criminals

The Holy Month of Ramadan has just begun on 21 August 2009, and many Muslims will be devoting attention to their religious obligations. These duties include fasting, as well as frequent visits to the Mosque. Against this backdrop of spiritual obeisance, West Yorkshire Police have raised a more prosaic concern – that of crime. Official … Continue reading

NEWS: No “God spot” to be found in the brain

Reuters have reported the recent publication of How God Changes Your Brain. This book takes a neurotheological – ‘the study of the brain’s role in religious belief’- approach to prayer and meditation in an effort to understand the biological processes involved. The writers, Andrew Newburg and Mark Robert Waldman have used brain scans on individuals … Continue reading

NEWS: Paganism and the Police

Paganism has historically often been viewed with misgivings and a great deal of suspicion. For some the links to witchcraft signify little more than devil worship and other dark arts. Others recognise that although Paganism may not be a mainstream religion, it has an ancient pedigree firmly rooted within the worship of nature. Most recently, … Continue reading

NEWS: ‘God’s Hotline’

The Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has recently unveiled his latest artwork entitled ‘Godphone’. Forming part of an exhibition looking at the changing face of religion in the Netherlands, van der Dong’s installation is designed to offer an opportunity to leave a message for God. By electing to use a mobile phone in his … Continue reading

NEWS: Without a Prayer?

On 17 December 2008, Community Nurse Caroline Petrie was suspended by North Somerset Primary Care Trust. This disciplinary action was taken after the Trust received a complaint that the Baptist nurse had offered to say a prayer for one of her patients. Although, Ms. Petrie claims that the elderly patient refused her offer and the … Continue reading

NEWS: Tragedy strikes Hindu Temple

At least 150 people are feared dead in a stampede at the Naina Devi Temple in Chandigarh, India. The temple, which is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, was a focus for pilgrims celebrating the festival of Shravan Navratas. More detail from the BBC