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The Death of God After the ‘Death of God’

A recent study released by a group of American scholars suggests that ‘religion’ may soon die out in nine countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. The paper, delivered at a meeting of the American Physical Society and titled ‘A mathematical model of social group competition … Continue reading

NEWS: Tariq Ramadan Loses his Academic Position for Allegedly Supporting Iran

Continuous involvement with Iran’s Press TV has cost Tariq Ramadan his academic appointment at Erasmus University. Announcing its decision to dismiss Ramadan from his position as professor, the Dutch university said on Tuesday that it believes his program ‘Islam & Life’ broadcasting by Iran’s state television is ‘irreconcilable’ with his academic responsibilities at Erasmus. The … Continue reading

NEWS: ‘God’s Hotline’

The Dutch artist Johan van der Dong has recently unveiled his latest artwork entitled ‘Godphone’. Forming part of an exhibition looking at the changing face of religion in the Netherlands, van der Dong’s installation is designed to offer an opportunity to leave a message for God. By electing to use a mobile phone in his … Continue reading

NEWS: An Interview with Muhammad

Ehsan Jami’s An Interview with Muhammad is the latest in a series of controversial works about Islam made in Netherlands. A co-founder of the Central Committee for Ex-Muslims, the Iranian-Dutch politician has already sparked controversy by showing the film to journalists in the parliamentary press centre in Hague. While many Muslims and Dutch politicians have … Continue reading