NEWS: Adapting Sacred Text for Same-Sex Unions?

Franciscans_for_same-sex_marriageNext week, Episcopal bishops will request revisions to the Book of Common Prayer, adapting the text for blessing same-sex marriages. Despite visible support for the queer community—including the 2003 election of openly gay bishop V. Gene Robinson in the Diocese of New Hampshire—all three Episcopal rites of marriage currently acknowledge only heterosexual unions.

Bishops from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire intend to petition the General Convention during its triennial meeting, held 8-17 July in Anaheim, CA. Since the six American states have recognized the legality of same-sex marriage, these bishops find the Book of Common Prayer in conflict with their states’ definitions of civil marriage.

The requested revisions must be approved by two consecutive meetings of the General Convention. Episcopal clergy could begin using the rites in 2012. If approved, these revisions would be the first to the Book of Common Prayer since 1979. While proponents applaud further steps toward sexual equality, dissenters fear furthering the rift between the U.S. Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican Union.

Full story available here.

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