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NEWS: More Americans Credit Eastern and New Age Beliefs, Supernatural Experiences

According to Pew Forum’s recent survey, many Americans blend Christian and New Age or Eastern beliefs – beliefs such as reincarnation, astrology, or the evil eye. A “sizeable minority” of Americans report experiences with supernatural phenomena, including contact with spirits or ghosts. While the United States is an overwhelmingly Christian country, more than 60% of … Continue reading

Religion Compass December Issue – now available

  Online ISSN: 1749-8171    Print ISSN: 1749-8171 Religion Compass Volume3, Issue6,2009. Early View (Articles Available Online in Advance of Print) © 2009 Blackwell Publishing Ltd   African Religions   921-934 Divination: Epistemology, Agency, and Identity in Contemporary Urban West Africa Laura S. Grillo Abstract Published Online: 25 Nov 2009 DOI 10.1111/j.1749-8171.2009.00174.x   Buddhism   935-950 Local … Continue reading

NEWS: Yoga Gone Wrong?

Dahn Yoga Centers, a national chain based in Mesa, Arizona, is facing lawsuits from 27 former practitioners who claim they were psychologically manipulated into spending thousands of dollars at retreats in Sedona, Arizona, and were also subjected to irregular punishing techniques. Some members were allegedly forced to stick their head in a toilet, to lick … Continue reading

NEWS: Yoga Celebrated, Despite Fatwa

The Indonesian island of Bali recently held a week-long yoga festival to promote “spiritual tourism” on the island, bringing people of various ethnic and religious groups together to practice this traditionally Hindu form of meditation, chanting, and exercise. Indonesia’s Islamic Ulema Council issued a fatwa ordering all Muslims to stop participating in yoga, stating that … Continue reading

NEWS: Indonesian Ulemas Council Bans Yoga

Just a few months after Malaysia formally banned yoga, the conservative Indonesian Ulemas Council has issued a fatwa prohibiting the practice of yoga by Indonesian Muslims. The religious edict is the latest in a series of controversial decrees, including the one banning non-Islamic banking, which resonates with Islamic revivalism in the largest Muslim country. Although … Continue reading