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Historic document on mission issued

Recently, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance issued an historic document on mission, questioning many traditional practices and agreeing on standards of integrity about such issues as coercion, cultural hegemony, and “conversion”. The document is the result of five years of consultations by some 40 experts in ecumenical and … Continue reading

NEWS: Preparations for the Pope’s Visit to the UK

Ahead of this week’s long awaited visit by Pope Benedict XVI the BBC has published his proposed itinerary. The first papal visit to the UK in 28 years includes a combination of private and public events focused around London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Despite the ongoing controversy over child abuse allegations against members of the Roman … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Coexistence/Existence in the 21st Century

Is the world becoming more religious or more secular? The secularization thesis (religion disappears with the rise of Modernity) has been challenged as the Christian “megachurch” phenomenon continues, radical Islam remains at the fore of public dialogue, and politicians continue to blur the lines between church and state as they invoke various religious aphorisms. Louis … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope Benedict XVI: Health Worries

The recent news that the Vatican’s traditional Midnight Mass is to have a temporal change, has raised concerns that Pope Benedict XVI may be suffering with poor health. The revised schedule for Christmas Eve will see the pope finish taking mass at midnight, rather than just beginning the service then. The Vatican has denied rumours … Continue reading

NEWS: The Latest Dan Brown Controversy

Today saw the world premiere of Angels and Demons, based on Dan Brown’s novel of the same name. As with Brown’s previous novel (and film) The Da Vinci Code, much of the film’s action is said to centre on the Roman Catholic religion. Although, Angels and Demons avoids some of the previously controversial material such … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope Accused of ‘Distorting Science’

The Lancet has this week launched a ‘virulent’ attack on Pope Benedict XVI over his comments in relation to HIV/AIDS. Although the original comments date back to the Pope’s visit to Cameroon on 17 March, they appear to have engendered a high profile debate. In his original speech, Benedict XVI stated that the HIV/AIDS virus … Continue reading

NEWS: Holocaust Denial and the Vatican

The Pope’s recent decision to pardon the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) continues to be met with condemnation, not least by such public figures as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Cardinal Karl Lehman of Mainz. Although, the Vatican insists that the Pope’s judgment of clemency was based purely on paternal pity, such a … Continue reading

NEWS: YouTube and the Pope

The Vatican, and indeed, the Roman Catholic Church are often seen as highly traditional institutions, arguably even staid and far removed from everyday life. In 1995, under Pope John Paul II, these venerable institutions made their first foray into cyberspace with the creation of a website http://www.vatican.va Now, it would seem Pope Benedict XVI has … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope to Receive Muslim Scholars

Pope Benedict’s highly controversial 2006 Regensburg address, which revealed the heightening tensions between the world’s two largest religious traditions, prompted 271 Muslim scholars to ask for a Muslim-Christian dialogue in a manifesto called A Common Word. Next week twenty-four signatories of the manifesto meet with Pope Benedict and some other high-ranking officials of the Roman … Continue reading

NEWS: Pontiff Defends WWII Predecessor

Pope Benedict XVI, speaking at the interfaith group meeting (Pave the Way Foundation at Castel Gandolfo) has defended the actions of his predecessor, Pious XII, during World War Two and the Nazi’s annihilation of European Jewry. The speech has been heralded as the strongest Vatican defense of Pius’s role during the holocaust. The Pontiff from … Continue reading

BOOKS: Stolen Bibles

By Roland Boer Roland Boer is a research fellow at Monash University, and the author of ‘Rescuing the Bible‘. Apart from writing books, he loves to travel by ship when he can and cycle as far and as long as possible. I would like to paint a landscape – the contemporary religious landscape. What does … Continue reading