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NEWS: Religious and Racial Hatred on the Web

Two defendants are currently standing trial at Liverpool Crown Court charged with ‘urging people to kill Jewish people’ via posting on a website. Both Michael Heaton and Trevor Hannington are alleged to be members of the Aryan Strike Force [ASF], and furthermore, having posted racist and anti-Semitic comments designed to incite others to murder. The … Continue reading

NEWS: Lifting the veil on the ‘free world’

Cross-posted from Geography Directions By Michelle Brooks Recent reporting of the debate on banning the burkha in Belgium has highlighted widespread anxiety over legislating against women who choose to follow this cultural practice. It is proposed that on the first offence women will be fined a small sum of money, however in the second instance … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Coexistence/Existence in the 21st Century

Is the world becoming more religious or more secular? The secularization thesis (religion disappears with the rise of Modernity) has been challenged as the Christian “megachurch” phenomenon continues, radical Islam remains at the fore of public dialogue, and politicians continue to blur the lines between church and state as they invoke various religious aphorisms. Louis … Continue reading

NEWS: Religious Terrorists Most Often Elite

According to a recent article by Richard Bernstein, though many suicide bombers worldwide are poor and disenfranchised, most of the religious extremists who have engaged in acts of violent terrorism against the U.S. in the last decade have been intellectuals from elite backgrounds. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian Muslim accused of attempting to bomb a … Continue reading

NEWS: A Summer of Hate?

When we look back upon the summer of 2009, it is likely we will remember the poor weather, the continuing recession and the political expenses row. However, this summer has also been marked by demonstrations: the G20, Climate Camps, as well as many others. Arguably, the one which gained the most impassioned media attention involved … Continue reading

NEWS: Tariq Ramadan Loses his Academic Position for Allegedly Supporting Iran

Continuous involvement with Iran’s Press TV has cost Tariq Ramadan his academic appointment at Erasmus University. Announcing its decision to dismiss Ramadan from his position as professor, the Dutch university said on Tuesday that it believes his program ‘Islam & Life’ broadcasting by Iran’s state television is ‘irreconcilable’ with his academic responsibilities at Erasmus. The … Continue reading

NEWS: Music, Torture, and Empire

In the stunning article “Disco-Reggae at Abu Ghraib: Music, the Bible and Torture” Erin Runions reports on the treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war. Those interviewed reported being forced to listen to “constant repetitions of Psalm 137—in the jaunty, disco-reggae rendition of Boney M’s “Rivers of Babylon.” While this seems rather benign, Runions attempts to … Continue reading

NEWS: New Wave of Christian Terrorism?

On May 31, 2009 George Tiller, an abortion doctor in Wichita, Kansas, was shot and killed in the foyer of his church. Authorities apprehended and charged Scott P. Roeder with aggravated assault and first-degree murder. While Tiller’s death has been widely covered noticeably missing from early news items on the event was an analysis of … Continue reading

NEWS: Church Bombed Near Kathmandu

Two people were killed and fifteen injured when a Roman Catholic church in Nepal’s Lalitpur district was bombed this weekend. Though no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, pamphlets from the National Defense Army, a Hindu extremist group, were found at the church. The group wants Nepal to be declared a Hindu state, as … Continue reading

NEWS: Does God Speak through Sarah Palin?

The Republican vice-presidential candidate has joined the rank of those highly controversial politicians such as George W. Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who firmly believe that God speaks to them. Despite huge efforts in McCain campaign to downplay religious affiliations of Sarah Palin, news has leaked out that McCain’s running-mate has been involved with Wasilla Assembly … Continue reading