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Virtual Conference Report: Day Seven (27 Oct, 2009)

By Paula Bowles The seventh day of the conference has continued with the key themes of ‘breaking down boundaries’ and interdisciplinarity. Roy Baumeister (Florida State University) began the day with his keynote lecture entitled ‘Human Nature and Culture: What is the Human Mind Designed for?’ By utilising the concepts of evolutionary and cultural psychology, Buameister … Continue reading

NEWS: Free Guides for Scholars and Students of Religion

As well as accessible survey articles, we’ve started publishing a new content type at Religion Compass: Teaching & Learning Guides are freely downloadable supplements to a particular journal article, providing ideas for advanced teaching. The Guides are adaptable for both undergraduate and graduate teaching. Teaching & Learning Guides are free to download for all 8 … Continue reading

PODCAST: Joint History Compass / Religion Compass podcast available now: Islamic Fundamentalism and Political Islam

This free podcast offers a discussion between Yoav Di-Capua, co-editor of the Middle & Near East section of History Compass, and Tamara Sonn, Editor-in-Chief of Religion Compass and History Compass author. Here they skillfully examine Tamara’s article: Islamic Fundamentalism and Political Islam This succinct and engaging podcast explores common misconceptions about political actors from the … Continue reading