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NEWS: A Faith Denied: Death or Conversion in Mona’s Dream

Production of a new film entitled Mona’s Dream, is due to commence in October this year, commissioned by director Jack Lenz. This potentially controversial film examines the story of Mona Mahmudnizhad, her father and her companions who were captured, interrogated, tortured and murdered by the Iranian government because of their Bahá’í faith in Iran, 1983. … Continue reading

NEWS: Conversations With History series: Bart D. Ehrman on the problem of human suffering

The Conversations with History video series (from the University of California, Berkeley) recently published an engaging and broad-ranging interview with controversial biblical scholar, Bart Ehrman (UNC Chapel Hill). Ehrman and host Harry Kreisler discuss Ehrman’s latest book, God’s Problem, and his personal journey from evangelical youth to agnostic scholar. Recorded April 17, 2008 ——- Related … Continue reading