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PODCASTS: Modernism, Christianity and Apocalypse

The podcasts presented here derive from an international conference in Norway entitled ‘Modernism, Christianity and the Apocalypse’, held on 18-20 July 2012. This interdisciplinary event welcomed a range of leading scholars from Religious Studies and Theology, Art and Literary Criticism to consider the role and relevance of secular and Christian visions of the apocalypse in … Continue reading

Vision Statement for the Indian Traditions Section

Here at Religion Compass, we’re delighted to announce the recent appointment of Meena Khandelwal as co-editor of our Indian Traditions section. Meena will be joining Maya Warrier as they both set about commissioning several new state-of-the-art articles every year on themes of most concern and interest to students and researchers in the area. Below, Maya … Continue reading

NEWS: Free Guides for Scholars and Students of Religion

As well as accessible survey articles, we’ve started publishing a new content type at Religion Compass: Teaching & Learning Guides are freely downloadable supplements to a particular journal article, providing ideas for advanced teaching. The Guides are adaptable for both undergraduate and graduate teaching. Teaching & Learning Guides are free to download for all 8 … Continue reading