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NEWS: Tea Party Movement is Religious?

This week news sources have concentrated on the results of the June primary elections. While some news analysts have commented on the role of incumbents and female contenders, the most popular topic has been the role of the Tea Party Movement. Amid the flurry of stories about the elections, religion scholars writing for Religion Dispatches … Continue reading

NEWS: The Establishment Clause: A Student Gets Burned

People and organizations continue to mix church and state…and it makes the news. We continue to debate about what is the proper place to display religious belief. How does one allow free expression without displacing the beliefs of others? Many Americans remain serious about their religion. Thus it is no surprise that one’s belief would … Continue reading

NEWS: Don’t Blaspheme in Ireland—It May Cost You!

Irish atheists are rallying against a new blasphemy law included in an Irish defamation act passed in 2009. Under this law, “a person who publishes or utters blasphemous matter shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding €25,000.” “Blasphemous matter” is defined as “matter that is [intentionally] grossly … Continue reading

NEWS: Growing Interest in Religion and Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs magazine offers its own book list for those interested in the relationship between religion and American foreign policy. Contributor Chris Seiple asserts that most policy discussions surprisingly lack a consideration for the role of religion in international affairs. Even though religion shapes public life globally, policymakers and scholars are often reluctant to incorporate … Continue reading