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NEWS: Barack Obama Addresses ‘the Muslim World’

U.S. President Barack Obama will address Muslims worldwide today, at a university in Cairo. The speech is seen by many to be a necessary and long-awaited exercise in reconciliation, and also a daunting challenge. The policies and wars of Obama’s predecessor, George Bush, are still a source of much resentment to many in Muslim communities … Continue reading

NEWS: Benedict XVI in Israel

Much of the world’s media attention is focused on the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Middle East. During his tour, the Pope plans to meet with both leaders and members from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths, in an attempt to reach out in a spirit of conciliation. Arguably, one of the most … Continue reading

NEWS: Sport and Spirituality

Stuart Weir’s recent article in The Times explores the issue of religion and sport, asking if the two are fundamentally incompatible. If one was to take Vince Lombardi’s assertion that “[w]inning isn’t everything – it’s the only thing,” it would appear that there is no room for love, spirituality or faith. However, in his text … Continue reading

NEWS: Benedict XVI Meets Victims of Sex Abuse

Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI ended his visit to Australia with an impromptu private mass for former victims of sexual abuse. Earlier in his visit the Pope had condemned the abuse of minors as evil and ‘a grave betrayal of trust’. See article from The Guardian This mass has been seen by some as a reinforcement … Continue reading