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NEWS: Big Week for Religion in Germany

Some significant stories pertaining to religion came out of Germany this week. On Friday, July 16, Bishop Maria Jepsen, the first woman worldwide ever elected – in 1992 – as a Lutheran bishop, resigned from her post in northern Germany after being accused of mishandling abuse complaints. According to the New York Times, hundreds of … Continue reading

NEWS: Radical Lesbian Feminist Dies

In case you have not yet heard, self-described “radical lesbian feminist” Mary Daly passed away in Massachusetts earlier this month at the age of 81. A professor at Boston College for over thirty years, Daly was both controversial and widely influential. Her work, as in The Church and the Second Sex and Beyond God the … Continue reading

NEWS: “Sex, Satanism and Sacrifice…”

A recent story in the Australian publication The Register touches on the highly emotive issues of sex, sacrifice, witchcraft and exorcism. It appears that this report is based on the anecdotal evidence – supplied by ‘radical Minister’ Danny Nalliah – of a Pastor supervising a school trip. During this excursion to Mount Ainslie, near Canberra, … Continue reading

NEWS: Birthday of Patron Saint Nikola Tesla

If you got on Google at all today (or yesterday), you probably discovered that July 10 is the birthday of electrical wizard Nikola Tesla, the man dubbed both prophet and “electricity’s great radical.” But you probably did not realize, as I surely did not, that Tesla is also a canonized Saint. If that is news … Continue reading

BOOKS: Stolen Bibles

By Roland Boer Roland Boer is a research fellow at Monash University, and the author of ‘Rescuing the Bible‘. Apart from writing books, he loves to travel by ship when he can and cycle as far and as long as possible. I would like to paint a landscape – the contemporary religious landscape. What does … Continue reading