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NEWS: Pope tells Priests to Start Blogging the Good News

In a recent official message, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Catholic priests to utilize multimedia outlets such as  blogging and Youtube as potential outlets for their ministries. Seminaries should become, in addition to many other things, centers where young priests are trained in the use of new technologies, Benedict admonished, so long as this usage reflects Catholic … Continue reading

NEWS: Rick Warren, Evangelicals, and Dissent

Evangelical Christians have been a prominent force in American culture for many years. While evangelicals remain influential, particularly when one considers political allegiance and popular media, this particular version of Christianity has also been studied and questioned by scholars, media personalities, and authors. Frank Schaeffer, son of evangelical apologist Francis Schaeffer, takes the evangelical world … Continue reading

NEWS: How Do We Raise Our Children to Be Spiritual?

In NPR’s Speaking of Faith, Krista Tippett interviews Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso in an interview piece titled “The Spirituality of Parenting.” When considering religious uncertainty and the pluralism of American culture, coupled with the importance of providing our children with a spiritual foundation, Rabbi Sasso asks the question “how do we teach their souls?” She … Continue reading