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NEWS: Christian Science Update

In response to the recent New York Times article on Christian Science (see my April 2 post, “Christian Science Church Makes Rooms for Modern Medical Care,” below), Mary M. Trammell, chairwoman of the Christian Science board of directors, issued a response in the form of a letter to the editor. In it, she highlights what … Continue reading

NEWS: New York Times Links US Evangelicals to Proposed Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill

Three US Evangelical Christians delivered a series of talks in Kampala last March denouncing homosexuality as “an evil institution,” according to this week’s New York Times. These men are now distancing themselves from the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009, proposed by Ugandan Parliamentarian David Bahati, which initially threatened homosexuals with hanging. The three evangelical speakers—Scott Lively, … Continue reading

NEWS: Conservative Christian Response to Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar, which was released in the United States in December, has received much popular acclaim. Many movie critics have even been pleased with it, and it has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards. Yet, like every movie, Avatar has its detractors. Some conservative Christians have spoken out against the movie’s perceived promulgation … Continue reading

NEWS: Churches that Pack a Punch

Recently, the New York Times examined a growing phenomenon in Brazil: churches that pack a punch. In an attempt to attract young members, more and more evangelical churches in Brazil have incorporated “fight nights” and other themed events into their weekly services. For instance, reporter Mery Galanternick explained that boxing fans and congregants alike gathered … Continue reading

NEWS: Are Scientists allowed to have Faith?

(Cross-posted in The Philosopher’s Eye) The recent debate about Barack Obama’s nominee Dr. Francis Collins as the next director of the National Institutes of Health highlights a problem that is seldom discussed within philosophy of science. One leading opinion within the philosophy of science seems to be that in order for someone to be a … Continue reading