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NEWS: A Summer of Hate?

When we look back upon the summer of 2009, it is likely we will remember the poor weather, the continuing recession and the political expenses row. However, this summer has also been marked by demonstrations: the G20, Climate Camps, as well as many others. Arguably, the one which gained the most impassioned media attention involved … Continue reading

NEWS: A Seeker’s Gift to the World

There is no shortage of internet sites which deal with religion. However, many tend to be quite specific about what brand of religion is championed. Despite specific truth-claims there are a growing number of sites designed for those who seek ecumenical one-stop-shopping, and those which offer a myriad of resources about the world’s innumerable belief-systems. … Continue reading

NEWS: Ramadan targeted by criminals

The Holy Month of Ramadan has just begun on 21 August 2009, and many Muslims will be devoting attention to their religious obligations. These duties include fasting, as well as frequent visits to the Mosque. Against this backdrop of spiritual obeisance, West Yorkshire Police have raised a more prosaic concern – that of crime. Official … Continue reading

NEWS: H1N1 and the Hajj

At a meeting in Cairo earlier this week, Arab health ministers and the World Health Organization decided to ban certain groups of people from making the hajj this year because of fears the H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as “swine flu,” would spread more quickly. The hajj – an annual pilgrimage to the holy cities … Continue reading

NEWS: Obama Downplays Muslim Diversity?

In a recent New York Times op-ed article, Philip Bowring argued that President Obama’s recent Cairo address, while “finely crafted” and “well-delivered,” exaggerated the divide between Muslims and non-Muslims and, moreover, downplayed Islam’s diversity. This diversity is not limited to the commonplace Sunni-Shiite divide; we see it mainly in the Muslim population living outside the … Continue reading

NEWS: Benedict XVI in Israel

Much of the world’s media attention is focused on the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Middle East. During his tour, the Pope plans to meet with both leaders and members from the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths, in an attempt to reach out in a spirit of conciliation. Arguably, one of the most … Continue reading

NEWS: Indian Response to Indonesian Yoga Debate

The recent decision by the Indonesian Ulemas Council to issue a fatwah declaring Yoga as incompatible with Islam has been met with disbelief by Indian religious commentators.  A fascinating viewpoint outlined in a ‘comment’ piece by Firoz Bakht Amhed, written as a rejoinder to the current debate, argues that Yoga is fully compatible with Islam, … Continue reading