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Two thought-provoking new introductions to religion

The Religion Toolkit A Complete Guide to Religious Studies John Morreall & Tamara Sonn 978-1-4051-8246-1 | November 2011 | Paperback | 376 pages “The Religion Toolkit is a unique one-stop resource. Morreall and Sonn’s toolkit will prove essential for all (students, media, policymakers and the general public) who want to understand religions and their impact … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope tells Priests to Start Blogging the Good News

In a recent official message, Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Catholic priests to utilize multimedia outlets such as  blogging and Youtube as potential outlets for their ministries. Seminaries should become, in addition to many other things, centers where young priests are trained in the use of new technologies, Benedict admonished, so long as this usage reflects Catholic … Continue reading

Atheism During the Holidays

While many Americans view the month of December as a time to celebrate their religious traditions through holiday rituals, a growing segment of the population prefers to enjoy December without any religious overtones. The American Humanist Association, seeking to cater to such people, has launched another ad campaign to de-stigmatize atheism around the holidays. Last … Continue reading

NEWS: BNP Accused of Hijacking Christianity

After Nick Griffin’s recent appearance on the BBC Question Time programme – aired on Thursday 22 October 2009 – the media has been caught up in a frenzy of analysis. Much of this has focused upon the discussion as to whether or not the British National Party [BNP] should have ever been allowed to propagate … Continue reading

NEWS: Amish Novels: A New Genre

Beverly Lewis’s 1997 novel The Shunning, which related her grandmother’s experience leaving a Mennonite community, has spawned what is becoming a literary genre in its own right: the Amish novel. In following with Lewis’s novel, which has sold over 12 million copies, these books are, for the most part, neither written by nor read by … Continue reading

NEWS: New Wave of Christian Terrorism?

On May 31, 2009 George Tiller, an abortion doctor in Wichita, Kansas, was shot and killed in the foyer of his church. Authorities apprehended and charged Scott P. Roeder with aggravated assault and first-degree murder. While Tiller’s death has been widely covered noticeably missing from early news items on the event was an analysis of … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and the iPhone

Since its first release in 2007, Apple’s iPhone has been dubbed the “Jesus Phone” because it has developed a cult following and has been a technological “savior” to many. The updated iPhone 3G will be released Friday, June 19, featuring new applications and a faster network. Not only is religious imagery used to describe the … Continue reading

NEWS: Triumph of ‘New Atheism’?

Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian) uses the start of Holy Week to highlight what she describes as the spectacularly rapid collapse of British Christianity. Furthermore, she identifies the fundamental role of the ‘New atheists’ as one of drowning out real debate about faith. It is the perceived rise of the ‘New atheist debate’ which gives Bunting … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion in the Age of Technology

The BBC website has recently highlighted the difficulties faced by many, when trying to reconcile twenty first century technology with their faith. It is reported that in Israel, the traditional ultra-Orthodox Jewish community have introduced the innovative concept of “kosher cellphones” in an attempt to resolve this conflict. These phones – supplied by all major … Continue reading