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NEWS: The Burqa and the Economy

Given the polemical nature of much discourse which often surrounds the burqa, Matthew Campbell of the Sunday Times identifies another layer to the debate.  There has been a great deal of discussion across Europe as to whether or not women choose to wear the burqa or alternatively if it is something forced upon them. With … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Coexistence/Existence in the 21st Century

Is the world becoming more religious or more secular? The secularization thesis (religion disappears with the rise of Modernity) has been challenged as the Christian “megachurch” phenomenon continues, radical Islam remains at the fore of public dialogue, and politicians continue to blur the lines between church and state as they invoke various religious aphorisms. Louis … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Workplace Discrimination

The European Commission has demanded that the British government amends its legislation relating to discrimination in the workplace. Although discrimination in the workplace was outlawed within the European Union in 2000, Britain did not enshrine this in law until 2003. Furthermore, the British government believed they could apply certain exemptions to the implementation of the … Continue reading

Virtual Conference Report: Day Two (20 Oct, 2009)

by Paula Bowles The second day of the conference has been filled with three more interesting and innovative papers. David Crystal’s (University of Bangor) keynote lecture entitled ‘Language Death: A Problem for All’ highlights the troubling statistics that ‘96% of the world’s languages are spoken by just 4% of the people’. Given the interdisciplinary nature, … Continue reading

NEWS: Jimmy Carter, the Elders Speak Out Against Religion

Recently, Jimmy Carter announced that his decision to leave the Southern Baptist Convention relied largely on the unfair treatment of women. A Southern Baptist for sixty years, Carter explained that he could no longer support a religious worldview that considered women inferior to men. Furthermore, Carter asserted that the “words of God” do not support … Continue reading

NEWS: MP Proposes Dowry Ban

While India currently has an anti-dowry law, prohibiting grooms’ families from requesting money and gifts from brides’ families, the United Kingdom has no comparable law. Virendra Sharma, a labour MP, is proposing such a law, arguing that women of South Asian heritage are vulnerable to domestic violence and abuse if their marriages operate on a … Continue reading

NEWS: Gordon Brown Calls Bahai Persecutions Tragic

In his special message to the UK Bahai community, the British Prime Minister has expressed his ‘respect and admiration’ for the British Bahai community, describing prejudice and discrimination against Bahais in the Muslim world as ‘tragic’. Highlighting dire situation of Bahai prisoners in Iran, Mr. Brown has said that ‘We have raised our concerns with … Continue reading

NEWS: A New GCSE Religious Studies Course

A new GCSE course, introduced in 50 schools from September 2009, would give British pupils a chance to study the Unification Church, Rastafarianism, Atheism, Falun Gung, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, as part of a syllabus designed to deepen understanding of religious diversity in Britain and in the world at … Continue reading

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2009 Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference – “Breaking Down Barriers”

The first Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference, to be held in October 2009, aims to help break academic boundaries – within and between disciplines, between theory and practice, approaches and methodologies – by providing a space for multi- and cross-disciplinary review on the theme of “Breaking Down Barriers“. Abstracts are invited for survey/review papers from the … Continue reading

NEWS: Pontiff Defends WWII Predecessor

Pope Benedict XVI, speaking at the interfaith group meeting (Pave the Way Foundation at Castel Gandolfo) has defended the actions of his predecessor, Pious XII, during World War Two and the Nazi’s annihilation of European Jewry. The speech has been heralded as the strongest Vatican defense of Pius’s role during the holocaust. The Pontiff from … Continue reading

NEWS: A Faith Denied: Death or Conversion in Mona’s Dream

Production of a new film entitled Mona’s Dream, is due to commence in October this year, commissioned by director Jack Lenz. This potentially controversial film examines the story of Mona Mahmudnizhad, her father and her companions who were captured, interrogated, tortured and murdered by the Iranian government because of their Bahá’í faith in Iran, 1983. … Continue reading