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NEWS: Britain Approves Open-Air Funeral Pyre

Devout Hindu Davender Ghai was overjoyed with the Court of Appeal ruling that will allow him to be cremated on an open-air funeral pyre. Although British law forbids cremations anywhere aside from crematoriums, Ghai believes that an open-air cremation is critical for a good death and rebirth. While many cremations in India take place on … Continue reading

NEWS: Afghan Women Challenge the Shia Family Law

Yesterday Kabul witnessed an unprecedented event in recent Afghanistan history. Marching towards the Afghan parliament, about 200 women protested against the Shia Family Law passed by the national body. The law, which seems to legalize child marriage and marital rape, applies to Shia Muslims who constitute 15 percent of the population. Demonstrators soon found themselves … Continue reading

NEWS: Yoga Celebrated, Despite Fatwa

The Indonesian island of Bali recently held a week-long yoga festival to promote “spiritual tourism” on the island, bringing people of various ethnic and religious groups together to practice this traditionally Hindu form of meditation, chanting, and exercise. Indonesia’s Islamic Ulema Council issued a fatwa ordering all Muslims to stop participating in yoga, stating that … Continue reading