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NEWS: State Money for Religious Schools in Florida?

House and Senate committees are meeting in Florida to discuss the possible repeal of long-standing ruling that prohibits the use of state funds for religious institutions. The issue at hand is school vouchers: many Floridians would like to use school vouchers to allow their students to attend religious institutions. The ban, known as the “Blaine amendment” … Continue reading

NEWS: The Establishment Clause: A Student Gets Burned

People and organizations continue to mix church and state…and it makes the news. We continue to debate about what is the proper place to display religious belief. How does one allow free expression without displacing the beliefs of others? Many Americans remain serious about their religion. Thus it is no surprise that one’s belief would … Continue reading

NEWS: Canada Prosecutes a Mormon Sect for Polygamy

While mainstream Mormonism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, abandoned the practice of polygamy more than a century ago, splinter Fundamentalist Mormon groups continue to practice polygamy since they believe to attain heavenly exaltation, men have to have many wives and children. Now British Columbia’s government has decided to prosecute a Mormon sect … Continue reading