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COMMENT: The Rhetoric of Right Wing Extremism Today

(Cross-posted in The Philosopher’s Eye) ‘Speaking with Forked Tongues: The Rhetoric of Right Wing Extremism Today’ – International Symposium Held at the University of Northampton Reads Between the Lines by Christian Egners On the 26th of June 2009 a one-day international symposium on the language of far-right movements was held at the University of Northampton. … Continue reading

NEWS: Russians to Elect Shaman

For the first time in history, Russia is holding an election for the position of “supreme shaman” in an effort to unite traditionally marginalized ethnic tribes, mainly from Siberia. Many people are angered at the attempt to identify a shaman using an electorate method, and feel instead that it should be a status granted by … Continue reading

NEWS: Fighting Racism in the Church

Last week the General Synod voted to introduce a ban on its members joining the British National Party. Such a ban is similar to that brought in by the Association of Chief Police Officers, ensuring that their members do not openly endorse a far-right/racist agenda. Although seen by many as a positive stance against racism, … Continue reading