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Historic document on mission issued

Recently, the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and the World Evangelical Alliance issued an historic document on mission, questioning many traditional practices and agreeing on standards of integrity about such issues as coercion, cultural hegemony, and “conversion”. The document is the result of five years of consultations by some 40 experts in ecumenical and … Continue reading

NEWS: From Atheism to Belief

In an interview with Religion Dispatches, Jacob Needleman, author of the recently published book What is God? (Tarcher/Penguin), describes his journey from atheism to religious belief. The conversion in Needleman’s thought occurred while teaching a course in religious studies at San Francisco State University. Previous to the course, Needleman described himself as someone enthralled by science but “allergic” … Continue reading

NEWS: Non-Muslims Permitted to Use ‘Allah’

After a publication of the Catholic Church in Malaysia filed a lawsuit, the Malaysian High Court ruled that non-Muslims are allowed to use the Arabic word Allah when referring to God. Some Muslims suspect that Christians want access to the word Allah to convert non-Muslims to Christianity, which is currently a crime in Malaysia. The … Continue reading

NEWS: Malaysian Permitted to Revert to Buddhism

Fatimah Tan Abdullah, a Malaysian woman, has been granted permission by the Sharia Appeals Court to return to Buddhism, after her Muslim husband divorced her. Ordinarily a Muslim in Malaysia is not permitted to convert to another religion, but people from other religions may convert to Islam. The court ruled that the woman was never … Continue reading

NEWS: Tony Blair Discusses Religious Faith

In a recent interview with the BBC, Tony Blair, has explored some of the issues surrounding his conversion to Roman Catholicism. Although having brought his children up as Catholics, and attended Mass for 25 years, Mr Blair did not feel the time was right for conversion until he had stepped down from office. During the … Continue reading

NEWS: Did Prophet Muhammad Ever Exist?

Germany’s first ever professor of Islamic theology has sparked a new controversy about Islam. Muhammad Sven Kalisch, himself a Muslim convert for 27 years, has recently angered Muslims by claiming that his life-long research shows that the prophet is probably a fictional character. Denounced by his fellow-believers as apostate, the 42-year-old German scholar has also … Continue reading

NEWS: A Faith Denied: Death or Conversion in Mona’s Dream

Production of a new film entitled Mona’s Dream, is due to commence in October this year, commissioned by director Jack Lenz. This potentially controversial film examines the story of Mona Mahmudnizhad, her father and her companions who were captured, interrogated, tortured and murdered by the Iranian government because of their Bahá’í faith in Iran, 1983. … Continue reading