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NEWS: Religious Leaders Declare BP Oil Spill a Sin

Nearly a dozen representatives from major religious congregations around the nation were gathered by the Sierra Club and given a tour of the gulf region recently. Episcopal priest Rev. Canon Sally Bingam spoke for several of them when she called the spill “an insult to God and a sin against creation.” Mahmoud Sarmini explained that the Quar’an teaches … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion in Review

As 2009 comes to an end media outlets review the highlights of the past year and decade. USA Today concluded that “God, politics, and pop culture intertwined in ’09.” Contributor Cathy Lynn Grossman included the renewed vigor of Catholic lobbyists, the death of Oral Roberts, the increasing popularity of Rick Warren and President Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

Islam: A “Dangerous” Religion?

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have become increasingly interested in the religion of Islam and in the politics of the Muslim world. 2009 has been a year full of news regarding American/Muslim relations, from President Obama’s June address to the worldwide Islamic community to the shootings at Fort Hood in November. Although … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and AIDS

Today marks the twenty-first World Aids Day, yet despite a massive growth in knowledge of the infection, its transmission and its treatment, people continue to become infected. Robert Pigott, Religious Affairs Correspondent for the BBC has looked at the problems faced by many religious communities when it comes to propagating the safe sex message, particularly … Continue reading

NEWS: Benedict XVI Meets Victims of Sex Abuse

Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI ended his visit to Australia with an impromptu private mass for former victims of sexual abuse. Earlier in his visit the Pope had condemned the abuse of minors as evil and ‘a grave betrayal of trust’. See article from The Guardian This mass has been seen by some as a reinforcement … Continue reading