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NEWS: Faith and Education

A recent article by Andrew Penman in The Independent highlights some of the issues faced by parents when choosing a school for their children. Since writing his book School Daze: Searching for Decent State Education Penman claims he has suffered abuse and vilification. The primary focus for this opprobrium appears to be focused upon the … Continue reading

NEWS: Faith and Football

The Right Reverend Nick Baines and the Reverend Peter Moger have joined forces to create three prayers in advance of the World Cup, due to take place in South Africa this June. Working from Church House, Westminster, as part of the “rapid response prayer unit”, three prayers have been created to cater for all. Entitled … Continue reading

NEWS: (Un) Holy Matrimony?

The House of Lords has recently voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to be married. Although British Law has recognised civil partnerships since 2004, the proposed amendment to the Equality bill would go further and enable same-sex couples to be married in religious premises. Despite any discomfort some religious groups may feel, it should … Continue reading

NEWS: “Everybody Welcome”: The Inclusive Church

A new book published by the Church of England proposes to tackle the perennial problem of falling attendance.  The book entitled Everybody Welcome suggests that churches are not naturally welcoming environments, and although they attract many first time visitors, they fail to transform this success into an increase in regular worshippers. The Telegraph states that … Continue reading

NEWS: Church of England Urges Boycott of BNP

The Church of England has recently found itself at loggerheads with the far-right British National Party. In a joint statement Archbishops Dr Rowan Williams and Dr John Sentamu have urged people not to vote for the BNP. This comes after the Church of England has found itself engaging with the BNP over the last few … Continue reading

NEWS: Homosexuality and Religion

Once again, the contentious and emotive issue of homosexuality within religion has been raised. As part of a two day London conference, the church group, ‘Anglican Mainstream’ has arranged for Dr Joseph Nicolosi to give a paper. Dr Nicolosi, an American psychologist, has claimed to have ‘helped many people to become heterosexual’. Although the Church … Continue reading

NEWS: Gordon Brown Calls Bahai Persecutions Tragic

In his special message to the UK Bahai community, the British Prime Minister has expressed his ‘respect and admiration’ for the British Bahai community, describing prejudice and discrimination against Bahais in the Muslim world as ‘tragic’. Highlighting dire situation of Bahai prisoners in Iran, Mr. Brown has said that ‘We have raised our concerns with … Continue reading

NEWS: Fighting Racism in the Church

Last week the General Synod voted to introduce a ban on its members joining the British National Party. Such a ban is similar to that brought in by the Association of Chief Police Officers, ensuring that their members do not openly endorse a far-right/racist agenda. Although seen by many as a positive stance against racism, … Continue reading

NEWS: The True Meaning of Christmas

With Christmas almost upon us, two news stories have recently attempted to explore the festival’s relevance to modern life. The BBC looks to history to answer the question ‘Should we idealise Christmas past?’ Alternatively, the Guardian takes the opportunity to forecast the future of Christianity in the UK, reporting a Christian Research report which states … Continue reading

NEWS: Tony Blair Discusses Religious Faith

In a recent interview with the BBC, Tony Blair, has explored some of the issues surrounding his conversion to Roman Catholicism. Although having brought his children up as Catholics, and attended Mass for 25 years, Mr Blair did not feel the time was right for conversion until he had stepped down from office. During the … Continue reading