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Development in Case of American Missionary Held in Haiti, Part Three

On Thursday, May 13, the first day of court proceedings, Haitian prosecutor Sonel Jean-Francois requested a six-month prison sentence for Laura Silsby, the only remaining American missionary detained in Haiti on kidnapping charges. Ten Americans, most of them Baptists from Idaho, came to Haiti soon after the January 12 earthquake and maintained they were on … Continue reading

NEWS: How Do We Raise Our Children to Be Spiritual?

In NPR’s Speaking of Faith, Krista Tippett interviews Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso in an interview piece titled “The Spirituality of Parenting.” When considering religious uncertainty and the pluralism of American culture, coupled with the importance of providing our children with a spiritual foundation, Rabbi Sasso asks the question “how do we teach their souls?” She … Continue reading

NEWS: The True Meaning of Christmas

With Christmas almost upon us, two news stories have recently attempted to explore the festival’s relevance to modern life. The BBC looks to history to answer the question ‘Should we idealise Christmas past?’ Alternatively, the Guardian takes the opportunity to forecast the future of Christianity in the UK, reporting a Christian Research report which states … Continue reading