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NEWS: Violence Near Temple Called Neighbor Dispute

Cambodia’s prime minister, Hun Sen, has compared recent violence on the Thailand-Cambodia border to a dispute between neighbors rather than a war. On Friday two Thai soldiers were killed and several more wounded when Thai and Cambodian troops exchanged fire at a contested site. The conflict is ongoing, and surrounds the Preah Vihear temple, an … Continue reading

Religion Compass March Issue – Keywords

The March issue of Religion Compass is now available here! Keywords: Abdulkader Tayob Africa African Religions Ancient Near East anthropology archaeology belief Buddhism China colonialism culture Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin Eastern Asia ethnography feminism feminist theoryfolklore gender Gerald A. Klingbeil gods/goddesses historians historical reconstruction historiography IslamJapan Japanese history Jewish studies Judaism Laura Levitt Max Weber Mikael S. … Continue reading

NEWS: Tibet’s Continuing Unrest

March heralds another difficult period for Tibetans, not least the beginning of a New Year, but also two highly sensitive anniversaries. Fifty years ago, the Dalai Lama was exiled from Tibet, and last year saw monk’s protest against Chinese rule, and the riots which ensued. Sitting uncomfortably alongside these anniversaries, is the introduction of ‘Serf … Continue reading

NEWS: Malaysian Permitted to Revert to Buddhism

Fatimah Tan Abdullah, a Malaysian woman, has been granted permission by the Sharia Appeals Court to return to Buddhism, after her Muslim husband divorced her. Ordinarily a Muslim in Malaysia is not permitted to convert to another religion, but people from other religions may convert to Islam. The court ruled that the woman was never … Continue reading

NEWS: Tibetan Monk Immolates Self in Protest

Self-immolation by Tibetan Buddhist monks had not been used as a sign of protest since the 1990s, until this past week during the Tibetan New Year, when a monk set fire to himself in western China. Reports indicate that immediately after the monk set himself on fire, police officers fired three shots, and the monk … Continue reading

NEWS: Nepali Buddhists Struggle to Build Monastery

A group of Buddhist leaders in Nepal are struggling to establish a shrine at Kakrebihar, a 12th century Buddhist mound in Nepal’s Surkhet district. In 2001 the Archaeological Survey of Nepal commissioned the excavation of Kakrebihar and discovered it to be the ruins of a temple decorated with art depicting the Buddha’s life. In 2002 … Continue reading

NEWS: Faith and Belief: Inseparable?

Ed Halliwell of The Guardian has raised some interesting points in a recent article. As a practising Shambhala Buddhist, Halliwell questions the idea that faith and belief are indivisible concepts. Indeed, he goes further, asserting that ‘belief isn’t a very important element in my religious practice’. Faith and belief may be seen as virtually indistinguishable … Continue reading