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NEWS: The Texas Education Massacre?

Chris McGreat of The Guardian has recently reported some worrying news that the Texas school board is believed to changing their state education curriculum to one based on religious indoctrination and revisionist versions of American history. At the centre of this story is Cynthia Dunbar, a ‘conservative Texas lawyer’ who has’ likened sending children to … Continue reading

NEWS: A Brief History of Heaven

A recent article by Johann Hari for Slade, looks at the evolution of understanding and thinking about heaven. Despite what may appear to be an increasing onslaught of secularism within Britain, Hari points out that this is not reflected in the United States of America. Instead, he states that:‘ 81 percent [of Americans] say they believe … Continue reading

NEWS: US Defense Contractor Stamps Chapter and Verse on Rifle Sights

Trijicon, a Michigan-based defense contractor, has been carving references to Bible verses on its combat rifle sights for nearly 30 years. The United States military has purchased hundreds of thousands of these rifles. This Tuesday, the U.S. Army announced plans to investigate whether Trijicon violated federal procurement statutes regarding proselytization by American troops serving in … Continue reading

NEWS: Conservative Christian Response to Avatar

James Cameron’s Avatar, which was released in the United States in December, has received much popular acclaim. Many movie critics have even been pleased with it, and it has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards. Yet, like every movie, Avatar has its detractors. Some conservative Christians have spoken out against the movie’s perceived promulgation … Continue reading

NEWS: Prophetess of Health reexamined

Ellen G. White (1827-1915), co-founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist church, is the subject of a four-day conference concluding Sunday, October 25, 2009, in Portland, Maine. The conference is part of a larger Ellen White Project that will culminate in a book manuscript submitted to Oxford University Press. Sixty-five prominent scholars of American religion—authors of book … Continue reading

NEWS: Pullman’s Next Book to Tackle Jesus

Phillip Pullman is in the news once again for a controversial novel about religion. Pullman first broke onto the scene with his wildly popular trilogy, “His Dark Materials,” a series of novels for young adults about a group of free-thinkers waging war on God in an attempt to found the Kingdom of Heaven here on … Continue reading

NEWS: Creationism vs. Darwinism in Rap

Ever since the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859, there have been heated discussions between those who believe in divine creation and those who favour the theory of evolution. Although, it may be argued that the two are not mutually exclusive, for many the issue remains divisive. However, 150 years on, it … Continue reading

NEWS: Music, Torture, and Empire

In the stunning article “Disco-Reggae at Abu Ghraib: Music, the Bible and Torture” Erin Runions reports on the treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war. Those interviewed reported being forced to listen to “constant repetitions of Psalm 137—in the jaunty, disco-reggae rendition of Boney M’s “Rivers of Babylon.” While this seems rather benign, Runions attempts to … Continue reading

NEWS: When is a Bible not the Bible?

The recent publication of a glossy magazine entitled Bible Illuminated contains the complete New Testament, in an easy to approach format, illustrated throughout with glossy colour images. Indeed, these pictures have been described as ‘by turns beautiful, violent, oblique and provocative – much like the book itself’. Running to 300 shiny pages, the magazine’s conception … Continue reading

NEWS: Pope to Receive Muslim Scholars

Pope Benedict’s highly controversial 2006 Regensburg address, which revealed the heightening tensions between the world’s two largest religious traditions, prompted 271 Muslim scholars to ask for a Muslim-Christian dialogue in a manifesto called A Common Word. Next week twenty-four signatories of the manifesto meet with Pope Benedict and some other high-ranking officials of the Roman … Continue reading

BOOKS: Stolen Bibles

By Roland Boer Roland Boer is a research fellow at Monash University, and the author of ‘Rescuing the Bible‘. Apart from writing books, he loves to travel by ship when he can and cycle as far and as long as possible. I would like to paint a landscape – the contemporary religious landscape. What does … Continue reading

NEWS: The New British Creationism

Next year will mark the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, as well as the 150th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking theory. It is perhaps no surprise that these forthcoming events have led to revived interest in his work. The BBC reports that ‘creationism – the belief that God created the earth and man … Continue reading