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NEWS: First Family Seder and Digital Seders for All!

Families can now read their own personalized Haggadah during their Passover Seder meal by simply going online and ordering one custom-made from Behrman House. To promote the project, Berhman House made a personalized Haggadah for the Obama family that tells, as the LA Times reported, “the story of freedom from slavery to the American civil rights … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion in Review

As 2009 comes to an end media outlets review the highlights of the past year and decade. USA Today concluded that “God, politics, and pop culture intertwined in ’09.” Contributor Cathy Lynn Grossman included the renewed vigor of Catholic lobbyists, the death of Oral Roberts, the increasing popularity of Rick Warren and President Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

Islam: A “Dangerous” Religion?

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans have become increasingly interested in the religion of Islam and in the politics of the Muslim world. 2009 has been a year full of news regarding American/Muslim relations, from President Obama’s June address to the worldwide Islamic community to the shootings at Fort Hood in November. Although … Continue reading

NEWS: Are Scientists allowed to have Faith?

(Cross-posted in The Philosopher’s Eye) The recent debate about Barack Obama’s nominee Dr. Francis Collins as the next director of the National Institutes of Health highlights a problem that is seldom discussed within philosophy of science. One leading opinion within the philosophy of science seems to be that in order for someone to be a … Continue reading

NEWS: Sotomayor, Catholicism and the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Senate Confirmation Hearings are set to begin July 13, 2009 for Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor. President Barack Obama nominated Sotomayor last month, emphasizing that her personal and professional experience qualify her to be a Supreme Court Justice. Arising from humble beginnings in the Bronx, Puerto Rican Sotomayor graduated from Princeton University and … Continue reading

NEWS: Barack Obama Addresses ‘the Muslim World’

U.S. President Barack Obama will address Muslims worldwide today, at a university in Cairo. The speech is seen by many to be a necessary and long-awaited exercise in reconciliation, and also a daunting challenge. The policies and wars of Obama’s predecessor, George Bush, are still a source of much resentment to many in Muslim communities … Continue reading

DIGEST: Liberating the Founders and Doubting Obama

Liberating the Founders October 30, 2008 NPR’s Speaking of Faith Podcast, with Krista Tippett With the presidential election approaching, we return to an evocative, relevant conversation from earlier this year with journalist Steven Waldman. He’s done an unusual study investigating how the culture wars have skewed contemporary Americans’ sense of how we came to have … Continue reading