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NEWS: Bahais Accused of Plotting the Protests in Iran

As the world anxiously watches the dramatic developments in Iran, Iranian authorities are already looking for scapegoats. Denouncing foreign media coverage of socio-political unrest in Iran, Qolam Ali Haddad-Adel, Iranian MP and head of the parliament’s cultural commission, told IRIB 2 TV channel on Wednesday night that ‘BBC is run by a bunch of Bahais … Continue reading

NEWS: Gordon Brown Calls Bahai Persecutions Tragic

In his special message to the UK Bahai community, the British Prime Minister has expressed his ‘respect and admiration’ for the British Bahai community, describing prejudice and discrimination against Bahais in the Muslim world as ‘tragic’. Highlighting dire situation of Bahai prisoners in Iran, Mr. Brown has said that ‘We have raised our concerns with … Continue reading

NEWS: International Reaction to State Crackdown on Bahais in Iran

The European Union, Amnesty International, U.S. State Department, U.S. House of Representatives, Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the British Foreign Office, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, among many others, have expressed their deep concern over the escalation … Continue reading