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A Free Virtual Issue on the theme of Secularism

The interface between religion and secularism has in recent years generated both heat and light about the evolution of modern post-industrial, post-colonial societies. Local advocates of secularism have argued that neither Australia nor New Zealand are Christian nations and that secularism without religion forms the underlying ideology of the post-enlightenment state. Other scholars have been … Continue reading

The Death of God After the ‘Death of God’

A recent study released by a group of American scholars suggests that ‘religion’ may soon die out in nine countries, including Australia, Austria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland. The paper, delivered at a meeting of the American Physical Society and titled ‘A mathematical model of social group competition … Continue reading

NEWS: “Sex, Satanism and Sacrifice…”

A recent story in the Australian publication The Register touches on the highly emotive issues of sex, sacrifice, witchcraft and exorcism. It appears that this report is based on the anecdotal evidence – supplied by ‘radical Minister’ Danny Nalliah – of a Pastor supervising a school trip. During this excursion to Mount Ainslie, near Canberra, … Continue reading

NEWS: Monk Advocates for Bhikkhuni Sangha

A British Buddhist monk teaching in Australia, but ordained in the forest monk tradition in Thailand, states that there are no good reasons not to fully reinstate Thai Theravada’s bhikkhuni sangha, the order of female Buddhist monks. Ajahn Brahm believes that all the excuses given for not reinstating the bhikkhuni sangha–it is irrelevant, it is … Continue reading

BOOKS: Stolen Bibles

By Roland Boer Roland Boer is a research fellow at Monash University, and the author of ‘Rescuing the Bible‘. Apart from writing books, he loves to travel by ship when he can and cycle as far and as long as possible. I would like to paint a landscape – the contemporary religious landscape. What does … Continue reading

NEWS: Benedict XVI Meets Victims of Sex Abuse

Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI ended his visit to Australia with an impromptu private mass for former victims of sexual abuse. Earlier in his visit the Pope had condemned the abuse of minors as evil and ‘a grave betrayal of trust’. See article from The Guardian This mass has been seen by some as a reinforcement … Continue reading