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Free Podcast: “Militant Modern Atheism”

The 2010 Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Lecture “Militant Modern Atheism” was delivered by Professor Philip Kitcher (John Dewey Professor of Philosophy and James R. Barker Professor of Contemporary Civilization, Columbia University) on Friday 19 March 2010. In this podcast Professor Kitcher discusses his ideas with the Rt Revd Lord Richard Harries, former Bishop of … Continue reading

NEWS: What of Pets in the Rapture? Atheists to the Rescue!

Part of that which gets “left behind” during the rapture that many American Christians anticipate are: pets. This is because, according to the beliefs of some Christians, pets have no souls. So, naturally, they will remain earthbound while their owners are lifted heavenward. This could present, potentially, a bit of a dilemma: millions of pets with no one to care … Continue reading

NEWS: ASBO for “Militant Atheist”

At Liverpool Crown Court this week, 59 year old, Harry Taylor has been found guilty of ‘causing religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress.’ In 2008/09 Taylor had gone to the prayer room of Liverpool John Lennon Airport and had left sexually explicit images and cartoons of Christian and Islamic religious leaders. He maintained in … Continue reading

NEWS: A Brief History of Heaven

A recent article by Johann Hari for Slade, looks at the evolution of understanding and thinking about heaven. Despite what may appear to be an increasing onslaught of secularism within Britain, Hari points out that this is not reflected in the United States of America. Instead, he states that:‘ 81 percent [of Americans] say they believe … Continue reading

NEWS: From Atheism to Belief

In an interview with Religion Dispatches, Jacob Needleman, author of the recently published book What is God? (Tarcher/Penguin), describes his journey from atheism to religious belief. The conversion in Needleman’s thought occurred while teaching a course in religious studies at San Francisco State University. Previous to the course, Needleman described himself as someone enthralled by science but “allergic” … Continue reading

NEWS: Rick Warren, Evangelicals, and Dissent

Evangelical Christians have been a prominent force in American culture for many years. While evangelicals remain influential, particularly when one considers political allegiance and popular media, this particular version of Christianity has also been studied and questioned by scholars, media personalities, and authors. Frank Schaeffer, son of evangelical apologist Francis Schaeffer, takes the evangelical world … Continue reading

NEWS: Don’t Blaspheme in Ireland—It May Cost You!

Irish atheists are rallying against a new blasphemy law included in an Irish defamation act passed in 2009. Under this law, “a person who publishes or utters blasphemous matter shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable upon conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding €25,000.” “Blasphemous matter” is defined as “matter that is [intentionally] grossly … Continue reading

Atheism During the Holidays

While many Americans view the month of December as a time to celebrate their religious traditions through holiday rituals, a growing segment of the population prefers to enjoy December without any religious overtones. The American Humanist Association, seeking to cater to such people, has launched another ad campaign to de-stigmatize atheism around the holidays. Last … Continue reading

NEWS: First International Blasphemy Day

September 30, 2009, will mark, for many freethinkers, the first international Blasphemy Day. The new holiday–or unholyday–is being promoted by the Center for Free Inquiry (CFI). It will be inaugurated by an art exhibit in Washington DC, a soap-box style “speaker’s corner” in Toronto, and a Blasphemy-Fest! film-viewing in LA, all held at CFI centers. … Continue reading

BOOKS: ‘Atheist Delusions’ reviewed

Hart, David Bentley, Atheist Delusions, Yale University Press, London / New Haven, CT £19.99 Hardback: ISBN 978-0-300-11190-3 Review by Matthew Feldman, University of Northampton The battle has finally been joined. For Atheist Delusions is the frontal counter-attack that intelligent persons of faith have been long awaiting. Poor arguments against belief are simply swatted away (e.g. … Continue reading

NEWS: BBC Considers Future of Thought for the Day

The BBC Trust has announced that it is considering the question of including secular and humanist points of view in Radio 4’s long running religious segment Thought for the Day. Broadcast each morning between Monday and Saturday, and lasting just under three minutes, the Thought for the Day has been a long-standing tradition of British … Continue reading

NEWS: Triumph of ‘New Atheism’?

Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian) uses the start of Holy Week to highlight what she describes as the spectacularly rapid collapse of British Christianity. Furthermore, she identifies the fundamental role of the ‘New atheists’ as one of drowning out real debate about faith. It is the perceived rise of the ‘New atheist debate’ which gives Bunting … Continue reading

NEWS: A New GCSE Religious Studies Course

A new GCSE course, introduced in 50 schools from September 2009, would give British pupils a chance to study the Unification Church, Rastafarianism, Atheism, Falun Gung, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, as part of a syllabus designed to deepen understanding of religious diversity in Britain and in the world at … Continue reading

NEWS: ‘Faith and Darwin’

This year marks both the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species. Although, the focus of these commemorations will, in the main, relate to science and the man himself, religion and faith will be understandably keen to join the debate. Most recently, research carried out … Continue reading