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PODCASTS: Modernism, Christianity and Apocalypse

The podcasts presented here derive from an international conference in Norway entitled ‘Modernism, Christianity and the Apocalypse’, held on 18-20 July 2012. This interdisciplinary event welcomed a range of leading scholars from Religious Studies and Theology, Art and Literary Criticism to consider the role and relevance of secular and Christian visions of the apocalypse in … Continue reading

NEWS: A Brief History of Heaven

A recent article by Johann Hari for Slade, looks at the evolution of understanding and thinking about heaven. Despite what may appear to be an increasing onslaught of secularism within Britain, Hari points out that this is not reflected in the United States of America. Instead, he states that:‘ 81 percent [of Americans] say they believe … Continue reading

NEWS: Religion and Coexistence/Existence in the 21st Century

Is the world becoming more religious or more secular? The secularization thesis (religion disappears with the rise of Modernity) has been challenged as the Christian “megachurch” phenomenon continues, radical Islam remains at the fore of public dialogue, and politicians continue to blur the lines between church and state as they invoke various religious aphorisms. Louis … Continue reading

NEWS: Presidents, Evangelicals, and the End of Days

Conservative evangelical Christians have often been intrigued with various apocalyptic books of the Bible. From America’s inception (and before) many evangelicals have concerned themselves with deciphering biblical prophecies thought to foretell the “End of Days,” as well as the rise of the Antichrist (to include who he or she will be). Historian Matthew Avery Sutton … Continue reading

NEWS: Christian Zionists Watching Gaza Events Rapturously

Christian Zionism, an offshoot of Evangelical Christianity, is one of the fastest-growing religious groups in Britain today. Christian Zionists, who for the past three decades have influenced the US government policy toward the Middle East, are no longer an exclusively American phenomenon, with many British converts embracing their cause. Last week amid the bloody war … Continue reading