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Scholarly Content on the Impact of 9/11

In the 10 years since the events of September 2001 a vast amount of scholarly research has been written on the impact of 9/11. Wiley-Blackwell is pleased to share with you this collection of free book and journal content, featuring over 20 book chapters and 185 journal articles from over 200 publications, spanning subjects across … Continue reading

NEWS: More Hubbub Over Art and Islam

Once again, an artistic representation of Islam by a non-Muslim is making news. Similar to the Danish cartoon scandal a few years ago (and going back at least as far as Dante’s depiction of Muhammad in his “Divine Comedy”), the latest uproar centers on Californian Sandow Birk’s “American Qur’an” project. Birk, who has achieved some … Continue reading

NEWS: Holocaust Denial and the Vatican

The Pope’s recent decision to pardon the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) continues to be met with condemnation, not least by such public figures as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Cardinal Karl Lehman of Mainz. Although, the Vatican insists that the Pope’s judgment of clemency was based purely on paternal pity, such a … Continue reading

PODCAST: Joint History Compass / Religion Compass podcast available now: Islamic Fundamentalism and Political Islam

This free podcast offers a discussion between Yoav Di-Capua, co-editor of the Middle & Near East section of History Compass, and Tamara Sonn, Editor-in-Chief of Religion Compass and History Compass author. Here they skillfully examine Tamara’s article: Islamic Fundamentalism and Political Islam This succinct and engaging podcast explores common misconceptions about political actors from the … Continue reading