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The Ecumenical Movement in Africa

A free virtual issue from the World Council of Churches journals At the beginning of the modern ecumenical movement and in the years of formation of the WCC, Africa was considered a “mission field” with little ecclesial identity of its own. Africa came onto the “ecumenical map” in the early years of independence of its … Continue reading

A Free Virtual Issue on the theme of Secularism

The interface between religion and secularism has in recent years generated both heat and light about the evolution of modern post-industrial, post-colonial societies. Local advocates of secularism have argued that neither Australia nor New Zealand are Christian nations and that secularism without religion forms the underlying ideology of the post-enlightenment state. Other scholars have been … Continue reading

The Experimental Economics of Religion

The Journal of Economic Surveys has recently published a paper entitled The Experimental Economics of Religion, by Robert Hoffmann. This paper surveys the experimental economics approach to the study of religion. The field has a place in the context of the scientific study of religion generally and the social psychology of religion in particular, but … Continue reading

Think Global, Hate Local: Britain’s Far-Right in Focus

Conference Report: By Daniel Jones, and Thomas Malby, graduating students from The University of Northampton. On 15 April 2011 at the University of Northampton, the Radicalism and New Media Research Group hosted a daylong conference entitled Think Global, Hate Local: Britain’s Far-Right in Focus. This event brought together academics, activists and professionals in a unique … Continue reading

COMMENT: Is environmentalism a religion?

(Cross-posted from The Philosopher’s Eye) Every so often popular debate breaks out about whether belief in anthropogenic global warming is analogous to religious belief. These debates almost always turn into debates about whether environmentalism is a religion. Typically, one side maintains that the distinctive feature of religious belief is that it appeals to the supernatural, … Continue reading

COMMENT: What is Islamism? A Muslim Replies

By Ishtiaq Hussain The Quilliam Foundation Download full PDF version Background Like Christianity and Judaism, Islam is an Abrahamic faith and a Monotheistic religion. Its followers are called Muslims. Islam was founded in Arabia in the 7th century by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fought against oppression, injustice and corruption. During his … Continue reading

COMMENT: The Apology of the Church to Darwin

By Robert A. Segal The two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin will occur in 2009, and already the celebration is underway. Recently, the Church of England, which is to say the Anglican Church, has officially apologized for having initially rejected Darwin’s principle of evolution. How grateful the world must be for this … Continue reading

How to Study Religion

Robert A. Segal In memory of Harold Shipman The most common metaphor for the study of religion is that of conversation. The scholar learns from the believer. Conversation does not mean interrogation. Conversation means clarification. The scholar can ask questions of any kind. The questions can be tough and critical. The believer can be asked … Continue reading