PODCASTS: Modernism, Christianity and Apocalypse

Modernist French church (Image: Bye Thierry)

The podcasts presented here derive from an international conference in Norway entitled ‘Modernism, Christianity and the Apocalypse’, held on 18-20 July 2012. This interdisciplinary event welcomed a range of leading scholars from Religious Studies and Theology, Art and Literary Criticism to consider the role and relevance of secular and Christian visions of the apocalypse in the modern era. Selected presentations include cutting-edge analyses of modernist art and culture; 20th century politics and theology, and a concluding round table summarising the issues raised across the conference’s three days – the latter hosted by Dr Matthew Feldman, one of the section editors of the Political Religions section of Religion Compass.

We have selected some podcasts here (the opening remarks and later panel sessions), but many more podcasts can be found here.



  • Introduction to the conference by Dr Erik Tonning (Bergen) [audio http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/archive/audio/2012_07_18/2012_07_18_Christianity%20Modernism%20and%20Apocalypse_Intro_Tonning.mp3]
  • Introductory poetry reading by Kevin Ireland [audio http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/archive/audio/2012_07_18/2012_07_18_Christianity%20Modernism%20and%20Apocalypse_Kevin%20Ireland.mp3]
  • Concluding Roundtable discussion:  Apocalypse Now? On Contemporary uses of Apocalyptic Rhetoric with Paul Fiddes, Hans Ottomeyer, Malise Ruthven, Marjorie Perloff, John Milbank and Matthew Feldman (Chair). [audio http://backdoorbroadcasting.net/archive/audio/2012_07_18/2012_07_18_Christianity%20Modernism%20and%20Apocalypse_Roundtable%20Discussion.mp3]

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