Two thought-provoking new introductions to religion

The Religion Toolkit

A Complete Guide to Religious Studies

John Morreall & Tamara Sonn

978-1-4051-8246-1 | November 2011 | Paperback | 376 pages

The Religion Toolkit is a unique one-stop resource. Morreall and Sonn’s toolkit will prove essential for all (students, media, policymakers and the general public) who want to understand religions and their impact today.”
John L. Esposito, Georgetown University

The Importance of Religion

Meaning and Action in Our Strange World

Gavin Flood

978-1-4051-8971-2 | December 2011 | Paperback | 272 pages

“The book has a creativity, comprehensiveness, and energy not often found in contemporary Religious Studies. It has the hallmarks of a milestone statement in theorizing about the phenomenology of religion.”
William E. Paden, The University of Vermont

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