A Scholar Examines Presidents’ and Theologians’ Takes on ‘Ex Corde’

John Palmer, Media and Marketing Communications Manager, Ohio Dominican UThe United States Conference of Catholic Bishops announced about a year ago the start of its 10-year review of Ex corde Ecclesiae, a Vatican document that Pope John Paul II released two decades ago to guide Catholic colleges, sparking questions about institutional autonomy and academic freedom. But the review was designed to take place behind closed doors, in the form of discussions between bishops and college presidents.

Some information on how Ex corde is playing out, however, is now publicly available. Jamie Caridi, vice president for student development at Ohio Dominican University, surveyed presidents and theologians for his doctoral dissertation on the topic. Mr. Caridi, who recently earned a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, discussed his findings with The Chronicle.

Read the discussion here.

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