Religion Compass September 2011 Issue – now available

The latest issue of Religion Compass is available on Wiley Online Library

Keswick and the East African Revival: An Historiographical Reappraisal (pages 477–489)
Jason Bruner
Pentecostal Theology: Retrospect and Prospect (pages 490–500)
Christopher A. Stephenson
Indian Traditions
Jainism: Key Themes (pages 501–510)
Jeffery Long
Salvation and the ‘Other’ in Islamic Thought: The Contemporary Pluralism Debate (in English) (pages 511–519)
Mohammad Hassan Khalil
New Religions
Ethical Problems in New Religion Field Research (pages 520–527)
Marie W. Dallam
Ethical Design of New Religion Field Projects (pages 528–535)
Marie W. Dallam
Religions in the Americas
What is Canadian about Canadian Buddhism? (pages 536–548)
Jeff Wilson

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