Some free highlights from The Heythrop Journal

The Heythrop Journal

The Heythrop Journal

Founded in 1960 on the conviction that the disciplines of philosophy and theology have much to gain from their mutual interaction, The Heythrop Journal provides a medium of publication for scholars in each of these fields and encourages interdisciplinary comment and debate.

The Heythrop Journal embraces all the disciplines which contribute to theological and philosophical research, notably hermeneutics, exegesis, linguistics, history, religious studies, philosophy of religion, sociology, psychology, ethics and pastoral theology.

We are delighted to present some recently published highlights from the journal, selected by the editor of the journal, Patrick Madigan. Click on the articles below to read for free!

The Way in Which Socrates is Religious: The Epilogue of The First Speech of The Apology
Thomas Morris

‘Resurrecting Jesus’ and Critical Historiography: William Lane Craig and Dale Allison in Dialogue
Glenn B. Siniscalchi

God. . . Or a Bad, Or Mad, Man: C. S. Lewis’s Argument for Christ – A Systematic Theological, Historical and Philosophical Analysis Of Aut Deus Aut Malus Homo
Paul Brazier

Shakespeare and the Passions: The Aristotelian-Thomistic Tradition
David Beauregard

Kierkegaard’s Either/Or Via Scorsese’s Neither/Nor: Taxi Driver and King of Comedy
Matthew Kilgore

Cathecizing the Head and Heart: An Integrated Model for Confirmation Ministry
Sean Salai

Spirituality as an Explanatory and Normative Science: Applying Lonergan’s Analysis of Intentional Consciousness to relate Psychology and Theology
David Helminiak

The Sorrow That Dare Not Say Its Name: The Inadequate Father, The Motor Of History
Patrick Madigan

The Eyes of Reason: Intelligent Design Apologetics as the new Preambula Fidei?
Kevin Mongrain

Anselmian Spacetime: Omnipresence and The Created Order
Christopher Conn

Religious Language as Poetry: Heidegger’s Challenge
Anna Strhan

As a Buddhist Christian: The Misappropriation of Iris Murdoch
David Robjant

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