Free Virtual Issue on the Geography and Sociology of Religion

Interdisciplinary research has much to offer scholars of different fields – widening perspectives and opening up avenues to new research. The burgeoning field of the geography and sociology of religion is one such field. As the global economy and increased migration result in more complex and rich societies, so the resultant intersections of cultures and faiths from across the world become more interesting and multifaceted.

In this Wiley-Blackwell Virtual Issue encompassing “Religion and Place”, we have sought to bring together articles from across a wide scope of journals and fields of research, which tackle how religion and place intersect and influence one another. A variety of religions, old and new, from all across the world are engaged with in this Virtual Issue, and the articles range from philosophical discussions to statistical analyses and intricate discussions of social policies and political strategies. Whether you are a geographer or a religious studies scholar, someone interested in international migration or sociology and anthropology, we hope that this Virtual Issue will inspire you and open up new ideas and encourage new debates across all disciplines.

Click on the sections below to read for FREE.

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