NEWS: Preparations for the Pope’s Visit to the UK

Ahead of this week’s long awaited visit by Pope Benedict XVI the BBC has published his proposed itinerary. The first papal visit to the UK in 28 years includes a combination of private and public events focused around London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Despite the ongoing controversy over child abuse allegations against members of the Roman Catholic Church, the visit appears to be eagerly anticipated by many, with thousands of people expected to attend. However, many of the events are restricted to ‘people who are part of a group from a Catholic parish and have already obtained tickets’ leaving the majority reliant on seeing the Pope on his travels in the Popemobile. Although it has been announced that the Pope will travel through Birmingham after the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, warnings have been issued, advising people to stay clear of Birmingham Airport prior to his departure.

For those unable to attend ‘[s]everal events will be televised and will also be streamed live on the official Papal visit website’ ensuring greater access to all.

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