NEWS: The Texas Education Massacre?

Chris McGreat of The Guardian has recently reported some worrying news that the Texas school board is believed to changing their state education curriculum to one based on religious indoctrination and revisionist versions of American history. At the centre of this story is Cynthia Dunbar, a ‘conservative Texas lawyer’ who has’ likened sending children to her state’s schools to “throwing them in to the enemy’s flames”’. As part of the education board to which she belongs, Dunbar is expected to announce sweeping changes to the state’s curriculum to enable a focus upon religion, patriotism and ‘free enterprise’.

As part of this curriculum shake-up, the history of slavery in America will undergo a reimagining as the ‘Atlantic triangular trade,’ capitalism will be rebranded as ‘free enterprise’, and evolution sidelined in favour of ‘intelligent design’. Critics, such as Mavis Knight do not deny the importance of religion in the history of America, but are fearful that such curriculum changes amount to little more than the indoctrination of young people, and a rewriting of the country’s history, not least the slave trade and the Civil Rights Movement. In essence, they argue that the new curriculum is little short of overt racism.

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One thought on “NEWS: The Texas Education Massacre?

  1. Making the children know about the religious indoctrination. But they should be taught in a good way and not in a negative way.

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